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Year 1 Funding

We are tremendously grateful for the support and dedication of our Riders, Virtual Riders, Volunteers, Partners, and Donors. The 2019 Paceline Ride funds were granted to three areas of research at the Georgia Cancer Center. Below are details of how those funds are helping cure cancer faster.

Major Equipment Award, Dr. Han-Fei Ding 

Dr. Ding recommended the purchase of an Amersham ImageQuant 800 (IQ800) imager. This imaging system provides high-resolution quantitative analyses for multiple sample types. Its highly sensitive detection capabilities automatically optimize the best signal-to-noise ratio when analyzing gels and blots.


Translational Research Award II, Dr. Huidong Shi and Dr. Ravindra Kolhe

Their project, “Cellular heterogeneity and tumor microenvironment in triple-negative breast cancer disparities,” will receive funds and a review of a full proposal. This research will use single-cell RNA sequencing technology to address the disparity observed in triple-negative breast cancer prevalence and treatment outcomes for African American versus Caucasian women.


Early Career Researcher Award, Dr. Zhi-Chun Ding

Dr. Ding’s project, “Targeting IFNg-induced CD4+ T Cell Exhaustion to Potentiate Cancer Immunotherapy,” was selected as the top-ranking proposal. Dr. Ding’s research aims to improve the efficacy of adoptive T-cell transfer (ACT) cancer therapeutic regimens, which rely on functional CD8+ and CD4+ T cells. Using a novel model system, Dr. Ding will focus on overcoming one limitation of ACT: tumor-induced CD4+ T cell exhaustion.